Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brutal Justice

There's currently a video doing the rounds and spreading like wildfire on the net, allegedly showing a guy accused of rape being brutally beaten by the either the Malaysian police, or security guards (this is still unclear). The fact is, regardless of what this guy has done, do they really have the right to dish out justice in such a manner? I thought the security forces were there to protect people and follow procedure, not act like wild animals and take the law into their own hands. You might say, 'OK, what if that was your wife/daughter/girlfriend'.. Yes, of course I'd want to kick seven kinds of shit out of the bastard, but that's just my opinion and it's not for me to decide their fate, this is for the courts and law to decide, even if it is an ass sometimes.

The twist to this story came in a statement from the Home Ministry, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Husein called for the Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission (MMCC) to investigate, identify and punish those responsible for airing the clip online.

Now this is the funny part.... He further went on to say 'the act was aimed at tarnishing the image of the police'. !??

Forgive me here but... For one, there is no confirmation is was the police (even though his statement is almost an admission it WAS the police) and secondly, whoever originally aired this clip should be praised for showing such a miscarriage of justice. If anything, the idiots IN the video should be investigated, identified and SEVERELY punished!

Anyway, the video below is linked from You Tube, so make up your own minds:

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