Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brutal Justice

There's currently a video doing the rounds and spreading like wildfire on the net, allegedly showing a guy accused of rape being brutally beaten by the either the Malaysian police, or security guards (this is still unclear). The fact is, regardless of what this guy has done, do they really have the right to dish out justice in such a manner? I thought the security forces were there to protect people and follow procedure, not act like wild animals and take the law into their own hands. You might say, 'OK, what if that was your wife/daughter/girlfriend'.. Yes, of course I'd want to kick seven kinds of shit out of the bastard, but that's just my opinion and it's not for me to decide their fate, this is for the courts and law to decide, even if it is an ass sometimes.

The twist to this story came in a statement from the Home Ministry, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Husein called for the Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission (MMCC) to investigate, identify and punish those responsible for airing the clip online.

Now this is the funny part.... He further went on to say 'the act was aimed at tarnishing the image of the police'. !??

Forgive me here but... For one, there is no confirmation is was the police (even though his statement is almost an admission it WAS the police) and secondly, whoever originally aired this clip should be praised for showing such a miscarriage of justice. If anything, the idiots IN the video should be investigated, identified and SEVERELY punished!

Anyway, the video below is linked from You Tube, so make up your own minds:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hypocrisy in the Catholic Church?

I do honestly feel a great deal of satisfaction when I read how a member of the high religious virtues mob comes crashing down to earth with an extremely large bump. For instance, in 2006 when the self-righteous, bible bashing, homophobic preaching Ted Haggard (Pastor of the New Life Church), admitted to soliciting the services of homosexual prostitute Mike Jones for sex and methamphetamine.

On January 4th earlier this year, I read an article on the Australian News website that headlined: The Pill is Polluting the Environment, Vatican Says. The report basically went on to explain how the Vatican Newspaper were garbling on about how the Pill is partly responsible for male infertility, amongst other nonsensical claims.

Last Friday, 31st July, the Pill finally after many years of protest by the Catholic heads, became legal in Italy. However, the powers that be at Vatican said on Thursday, 'it would excommunicate doctors who prescribed the drug and patients who used it.' Excommunication is a religious censure used to deprive or suspend membership in a religious community.

Today however, a Catholic bank in Germany has not only admitted to buying stocks in British arms company BAE Systems, but also in Tobacco companies and yes... American birth control Pill maker Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

The word HYPOCRITES never had a stronger definition.

When will people wake up and learn, that the Catholic church like all other dubious and dogmatic religions, are just large organized businesses whose financial interests go way beyond the god fearing beliefs they deviously push onto the poor sheep who follow them.


Ted Haggard
Haggard Admits Sexual Immorality, Apologizes
The Pill is Polluting the Environment, Vatican Says
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Nice Try, 419 Scammer!

For those of you who are unaware, 'Advance Fee Fraud' (or 419 scam) is the type of email you have most likely received at one time or another, either from someone claiming to have vasts amount of cash and needs help to help get it out of a country (usually an African nation), or, a lottery win (that you have no knowledge of partaking).

The number "419" refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining Property by false pretences; Cheating") dealing with fraud.

Scam baiting is the practice of pretending to be taken in by these fraudsters with the purpose of wasting their time, or to obtain evidential information which will hopefully lead to their downfall or even arrest.

I am a scam baiter.

So, last week, I received the usual crap from some moron looking for some poor sod to scam - Here's the email:


Dear Friend,

Thanks for your response to my mail. I am delighted at your response to my enquiry which made me to disclosing this information to you, be rest assured as it come with best of intentions and I will appreciate you show more commitment on this partnership,

During the course of my job as General manager & Procurement director with GLOBE IMPORTS UK LTD , I with the chief accounting officer made an over inflated procurement cost which estimate to the total of US$8,200,000.00 in $100 dollar bills. This fund was kept in a Locker deposited with United Nations Vault Office as Personal Effects. Our intension was on our retirement we should invest in purchase of Precious stones, diamonds and Gold or any lucrative business we might choose. However to protect our job and avoid any problem from our company and Government we registered that the (Fund) locker belongs to our foreign business partner and that when required it should be delivered overseas.

Unfortunately on 17Th January 2008 my colleague died in motor accident and I was left alone with the information of the money. I have approached the vault office to collect the locker but I couldn’t because of the terms we signed; it must be delivered to our foreign partner overseas. Hence I contacted you to be my foreign partner and receive the locker on my behalf from theUnited Nation diplomat or diplomatic courier whom I have earlier discuss with.

I will give you 30% of the total amount for this assistance and open a joint business where you will actively run the procurement business for me and the profits shared 80% for me, 15% for you while 5% is kept for operational cost.

Kindly provide the information below to enable me put up a fund Management agreement between us. I will also put up application for release of the locker to you.

• Complete Name & Address
• Occupation/ Position
• Age
• Country of Origin
• Contact Telephone No

I will expect your suggestions and opinion upon receipt of your positive response so that we can discuss on how we should proceed on the arrangement without delay. I am convinced with your personality as my instinct has allayed any fear of negativity or betrayal from your side.

I wait your urgent response.

Best Regards

Engr.Bruce Smith

16S-177 St John Street,
ECIV 5PV London.


Well, to cut a long story short, I had a few email exchanges with this idiot and tracked his IP address which confirmed he was staying in Malaysia on a StreamyX line.

Since then, I've managed to successfully communicate with Microsoft and Google, who have both responded by disabling his Hotmail and Gmail accounts, I'm now in process of getting TMNet to track him down.

Conclusion: Don't mess with me when it comes to internet scamming, I WILL find and shut you down! You have been warned!


Advance Fee Fraud
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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Wrong Trousers

Yet another example of insanity came to light in yesterdays news as a Sudanese journalist working for the UN, was arrested at a cafe in Khartoum by Public Order Police, was charged and is facing trail with a sentence of 40 lashes... for wearing trousers!?

This despicable violation of human rights has once again been spewed out by the repulsive and misogynistic Islamic Sharia law. These twisted, dogmatic and sickening rules continue to show no tolerance for the most ridiculous doings and push humanity back to the stone age.

There should be no place for such appalling associated laws in present day civilized society, and I strongly suggest the UN intervene and make international laws to control the male chauvinism that exists in these savage and superstitious religions.

Until this madness ends, the world will never evolve beyond being a breeding ground for the human virus, sucking the life energy out of this beautiful planet and destroying it and each other in the process.

For this, I feel very saddened.


Sudanese Journalist to go on Trial for Wearing Trousers

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calling the Ghostbusters

I came across a few news articles lately that have somewhat bemused me:

Saudi 'genie' sued for harassment.
A family in Saudi Arabia is taking a "genie" to court, accusing it of theft and harassment, reports say.

They accuse the spirit of threatening them, throwing stones and stealing mobile phones, Al Watan newspaper said.

The family have lived in the same house near the city of Medina for 15 years but say they only recently became aware of the spirit. They have now moved out.

A local court is investigating. In Islamic theology, genies are spirits that can harass or possess humans.

Security guard ‘slapped’ by ghosts at housing area
TAMIL Nesan front paged a report of a security guard who was said to have been slapped by ghosts in Port Dickson.

It said S. Albert 32, was making his rounds of bungalow houses in Taman Indah Mas at about 5.30am on Friday when he heard noises coming from a vacant unit.

He shone his torchlight through the window and was shocked to see mysterious white figure with red eyes and long hair.

Albert ran to the guards control room and inform his colleague who told him that his face had scratch marks and was bleeding.

Residents who got wind of the incident gathered with batons and sticks to check the empty bungalow but found nothing suspicious.

Women file for divorce over hubbies’ unusual sex drive
TWO women have filed for divorce on grounds that their husbands’ unusual sex drive is linked to black magic, reports Metro Ahad.

The riddle to the husband’s unnatural sex drive was answered when a relative of the wife saw the husband in the house when the family had seen him leave for work earlier.

The relative heard the husband’s voice in the bedroom and upon checking, found an ‘individual’ in the room looking exactly like the husband,” he said.

Musa said that the wife had since filed a complaint with the religious department and applied for fasakh.

In the other case, Perubatan Islam Mustajab specialist Nazri Md Isa said an 18-year-old woman had filed for fasakh after her husband asked her for sex more than 10 times a day.

Nazri said according to the wife, the husband had the ritual of going to the bathroom before having sex with her.

It all started when he had sex with her 17 times on their wedding night. The wife did not suspect anything then as she thought he was merely performing his duty as a husband.

Religious leader Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz claimed that it was not impossible for a man to have sex many times in one night if he was “friendly with the devil”.

It is not impossible for the devil to have carnal intercourse with the man’s wife.

“This happens because the devil can appear to look like the husband,” he said.

He said that while it was normal for a man to want sex two or three times a day, anything more than the usual would most probably not be the husband but the devil.


Now, either these 'stories' are just a great piece of viral marketing for the forthcoming Ghostbusters III movie, OR... Insanity persists to be so ingrained into society, that as humans, I'm amazed we've actually come this far. People truly are crazy.

I'll let you decide your own opinion, but I'm sure you can already guess what I'm thinking here!


Saudi 'genie' sued for harassment (BBC)
Security guard ‘slapped’ by ghosts at housing area (The Star, Malaysia)
Women file for divorce over hubbies’ unusual sex drive (The Star, Malaysia)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Model fined, whipped for consuming beer

Quoted today from the New Strait Times, a Malaysian daily newspaper:

The Syariah High Court here today sentenced a model to a RM5,000 fine and six whippings after she pleaded guilty to consuming an alcoholic drink in public last year.

In his judgement, Syarie judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Yunus said in the event Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, 32, from Sungai Siput, Perak failed to pay the fine, she would be imprisoned for three years.


Well, quite frankly, I've never read anything so sickeningly barbaric in all my life, how these brutish and uncivilized primitives ever justify lashing a woman at all, let alone for simply consuming a beer is totally beyond comprehension!

How much more proof does the world need that these vile Sharia laws set out in the name if Islam are nothing more than deplorably outrageous and completely out of touch with the modern age. My heart and empathy truly goes out to this poor woman, along with the thousands who are victimized, persecuted and oppressed by the tyrannical bastards who forcefully push these sadistic rules onto others with an iron fist.

Now, here's the ironic twist to all this: In 1989, Malayan Breweries Malaya (MBM) issued new shares equivalent to 10% of it's enlarged share capital to Bumiputra investors approved by the Trade and Industry Ministry. In fact Guiness and Carlsberg are two brewery companies on the Bursa Malaysia, of which a large percentage of investors are the same people who dictate Sharia law.

So, I guess it's OK to invest and make vast amounts of cash from beer companies, but if you get caught drinking their products, you're liable to a fine, a jail term and even a whipping.

There's hypocrisy at it's finest.

Finally, for all of you who condone this savage and diabolical law, you're a disgust to the civilised world.


New Strait Times
The Star

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Westboro Baptist Church

Pastor Fred Phelps heads the Westboro Baptist Church, an independent organisation in Topeka, Kansas, USA and is made up of around 70 family members.

The group carries out daily activities nationwide across America to picket the funerals of gay victims of murder, or people who have died from complications relating to AIDS and other events related or peripherally related to gay people. They are also notorious for picketing the funerals and memorial services of American soldiers who have died during the war with Iraq and Afghanistan, holding up placards such as 'God Hates Fags', 'Thank God for 9/11' and 'Fag Troops' and 'Thank God for Dead Soldiers' whilst spouting bitter and hateful words towards grieving families.

Fred Phelps, his family and the entire WBC are amongst the most hated people in the world. If you follow the links below and research some more into this, you will see why.

Fred Phelps and his sick, twisted family of insane inbreeds are nothing more than vile, deluded, cowardly pieces of scum, not worthy to be called human and lower in intelligence than the excretory product evacuated from the bowels of a pig!


Wikipedia : Westboro Baptist Church
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